2 | The 10 Minutes Rule

'Your weekly dose of creativity' | Renewal #2

Hi friends,

Despite all of my good intentions, I didn’t get to make the habit of sending this newsletter to you “stick”. I got caught up with life because I failed to make a system for it, I failed to make it a priority.

But, that didn’t just happen with this newsletter and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t just happen to me. Oftentimes, we put so much pressure on ourselves to reach our long term goals (write a book, publish regularly, build an app, etc), that we push them to the side, only hoping that someday we’ll have time to “really focus on them and make them perfect”. But, neither perfection nor time will come unless you try and fail... again and again.

So I wanted to share something that made me very productive in the past few weeks: the 10 minutes rule. As you guess, it is rather simple : I just sit with my computer every morning and I start writing for 10 minutes. For these 600 seconds, I don’t care about grammar or formatting. I don’t even care if it’s making sense: I just write as fast as I can on a subject I chose in advance. That’s how I got to write and schedule 5-6 posts in a week (+ this newsletter) when I couldn’t “find time to write” for months.

As busy as we are, if we can’t allocate 10 minutes to something we love and value every day, then, what are we living for?

— What I learned this week

🎥 What I'm watching: “Why you never have enough time” • This 8 minutes video by Nathaniel Drew has had the most effect on me this week. It made me reflect on my priorities and the overall meaning of life. I highly suggest you watch it, you won’t regret it!

📖 What I'm reading: I might be a bit late to the party but, lately, I've been LOVING the Sherlock Holmes Series by Arthur Conan Doyle narrated by Stephen Fry (affiliate link). It's a masterpiece.

— What I created for you this week

Slowly coming back on the blog, here are two posts I have published lately :

Here is why I stopped watching Netflix
Earlier this year, I decided to cancel my subscription. Crazy, right? Well… here’s why.

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Should you try audiobooks?
With a nice voice and a good narrator, you won’t just hear the story, you’ll be a part of it.

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I hope you found something interesting in today’s newsletter. If you have some time, I would love to know more about you in reply to this email! What is one project/thing that really matters to you these days?