034 | How to be more creative everyday

Renewal #34 • Some tips to be creative even on your worst days.

Hello friends,

I hope you're doing okay this week! In this short issue, I want to share some effective tips I found to help you stay creative and effective every day, even if you don't feel inspired.

While being nice when it's there, inspiration doesn't come daily. So how can you make sure that you get, even 1% closer to your goals every day?

  1. Write down all of your ideas in a single place when they come. Like me today, even the smallest 'hint' of an idea can be terribly helpful to get you started.

  2. Steal like an artist. Read, watch videos, even get out of your house to see what the world is made of! The best creators and inventors in history didn't actually invent anything, they simply took existing ideas and improved them by adding their own personality, what makes them "unique". Do the same.

  3. Do the bare minimum every day. Don't expect to be exceptional every day. Instead, make sure that even on your worst day you still get 1% closer to your goals. Even writing only 1 paragraph today can go a long way toward the 300 pages book you want to write. I also suggest using the 10 minutes rule.

  4. Don't be afraid of failing. Failing a lot is the fastest shortcut toward your dreams because the more you fail, the more you are aware of what works, what doesn't and why. So don't expect to be perfect just yet. Just keep trying.

  5. Be yourself. Whatever your craft is, don't expect to please everyone: you can't. Be excellent in what you do but always be yourself. The right people will love you for you, for the part of your soul, you let into your work.

As James Clear says: "Don’t break the chain of creating every day and you will end up with an impressive portfolio."

Here are some posts or newsletter I wrote about creativity and resilience:

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👋🏾 Quote of the Week: “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.“ —Stephen R. Covey

📖 Currently Reading: On Writing Well. I'm slowly trying to improve my craft and currently loving the ideas of this book by William Zinsser.

🎥 Currently watching: 5 Things I'd Tell My 19-Year-Old Self About Running a Business by Thomas Frank. I found a lot of tips to go further in my own entrepreneurial journey.

— What I created for you this week

Here is one (long expected, I know) new post this week, about my most favourite tool, Notion. Don't hesitate to tell me what you think or ask questions in the comments!

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Thank you once more for reading 🙏🏾

See you next month,
Mathieu Céraline.